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    Schools Sports Premium at Rossmere Primary School

    At Rossmere Primary School we believe sport plays a crucial role contributing to the health and well-being of our children. We also believe that Sporting excellence helps improve academic success while promoting confidence, self-esteem and team work.

    Long term aims:

    • To increase children’s active participation in sport
    • To improve children’s level of fitness
    • To encourage a love of sport for all children
    • To provide higher quality lessons and improved learning for all children
    • To provide a wider variety of sporting activities for all children
    • To increase after school sporting clubs and activities
    • To increase participation in town wide competitive sport.


    Rossmere Primary School receives approximately £18,000 of funding each year. Any that is not spent, will be carried over to the following year.

    2022 – 2023 Academic Year

    PESSPA Strategy 2022/23

    Rossmere Academy Sports Premium Action Plan and Budget 2022/23


    Sporting Excellence

    2021 – 2022 Academic Year

    Sport Premium Document 2021/22

    Following the Covid 19 Pandemic and children not leaving their houses for many months and access to sporting clubs and facilities being reduced, we identified the need to improve overall fitness levels. We are also unable to employ the usual sports’ coaches or run clubs that mix large groups of children with no social distancing.

    Therefore we have amended our plans for use of the funding this year to include the following:

    • Purchase of high quality outside gym equipment and equipment to improve agility and strength, for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children. This will improve the level of physical activity for all children, but particularly for those who don’t enjoy taking part in the Daily Mile or a team game.
    • Continued funding to take part in Cluster and Town sporting competitions, including transport to the competitions to allow all children to compete
    • Funding put to one side for the summer term to enable the purchase of additional catch-up swimming lessons once swimming is permitted.

    Swimming lessons did not take place from March 2020 due to closure of facilities – it is not yet known when these can restart, therefore we cannot guarantee that Year 6 children will be able to swim 25m by the end of the year.

    Coaching for sport could not take place in the Autumn Term due to Lockdown 2 and an increase in the local Covid rate. 








    Provision 2018-onwards

     At the beginning of September (2018), Manor Academy’s provision within local primaries ended. From this point, we have been in contact with a team from the local authority who employ sports specialists to organise cluster and town events. Since this new provision has been put in place, there has been many more sporting opportunities – competitive and participation events.

    Since the start of the 2018-19 academic year, Sarah Waite joined Rossmere to do the following: PPA cover; lunchtime support; afterschool clubs; organisation of external tournaments/sport events. Sarah has been an integral member of the small PE team. Due to having an extra member for PE, children have been able to attend more external events and broaden their sporting horizons. In addition to this, we have been able to ensure our Sainsbury’s Sports Mark has been kept up to date over the year, along with our whole school PE display, which celebrates team and individual sporting achievements.

    Another opportunity we have introduced this year are our Year 6 sports leaders. We have selected twelve children, who have an interest in sport or are part of a sports club outside of school, to lead activities during lunch times and ensure the PE cupboard is tidy and organised. The children received training at Manor Academy and from their training, created different activities for all ages. The children are extremely dedicated, enthusiastic and organised; they have created their own daily rota and each child has selected a “buddy” to train ready for next year.

    We have ensured that all children (across the whole school) have matching PE kit. We purchased new red t-shirts with the school logo. All children wear their t-shirts during their PE sessions or tournaments.

    We have entered Rossmere into a Children’s Cancer Charity Run this year (due to take place in May). In addition to this, we have launched the Daily Mile across school. We did this as part of Children’s Mental Health Week and the now the whole school ensures all children are active for at least 15 minutes a day.

    We have also used the funding to strengthen and improve provision for sport in the following ways:-

    • To pay for professional development opportunities for teachers in PE and sport
    • To provide cover to release teachers for professional development in PE and sport.
    • To attend sport competitions and increase pupils’ participation in school games.
    • To provide places for pupils on after school sports clubs.
    • To purchase new PE equipment
    • To support and engage the least active children through new/additional Change4Life sports and health clubs.

    We also have specialist sports coaches working in school with the children. So far this year, the children have had the following opportunities:

    • Cricket (County Durham Cricket Club).
    • Tennis (Mark Barras).
    • Karate (Hartlepool Wadokai).
    • Judo sessions for both key stages (June).
    • Swimming for Y5 and 6.
    • Year 2 and 4 are currently preparing for their skipping festival and have received coaching from an outside agency.
    • Tony Harrington (FA referee) in with Year 4.

    After School Clubs and Tournaments

    Rossmere is keen to provide a range of extra-curricular clubs for pupils throughout the year.

    We try to cater for all our children’s needs and so ask the children which clubs they would like to see included during the year; we also monitor participation and check uptake against gender and free school meals. Our after school clubs extend across the school, ensuring each key stage has the opportunity to attend. Staff from Tom Burke’s Academy plan and run these after school clubs. We offer a range of clubs from multi-sports for both Key Stage 1 and 2 to offering tournament skills preparation.

    Moving onto external opportunities, so far this year, we have entered numerous cluster and town competitions, including:

    • Girls Year 5 and 6 Tag Rugby,
    • Mixed Tag Rugby Year 5 and 6,
    • Tag Rugby Festival Year 5 and 6,
    • Y3,4,5 and 6 Cross Country,
    • Y3,4,5 and 6 Town Cross Country,
    • Year 6 Tees Valley Cross Country,
    • Year 5 dodgeball,
    • Year 5 Town dodgeball,
    • Year 5 and 6 Sports Hall Athletics,
    • Basketball Cluster Year 5 and 6,
    • Basketball Town Year 5 and 6,
    • Cricket Year 5,
    • Swimming Gala Year 5 and 6,
    • Netball Year 6,
    • Hartlepool United Penalties Year 6,
    • Hartlepool United Penalties Second Round Year 6,
    • Year 4 skipping,
    • Year 3 tennis,
    • Year 3 and 4 tag rugby,
    • KS1 multi-skills.

    We have been extremely successful within these events. We won the dodgeball and cricket competiton. We have had many children receive special awards from the local authority for their skills and participation. We have found that the teams are progressing to the second and third rounds. We are ensuring that the children are prepared before attending these events by offering after school and lunch time clubs to teach them the vital skills they need. In addition to this, we want the children to have the opportunity to participate in healthy competition. We ensure that we select a variety of children, so that it is equal opportunities.

    We have many more summer events to attend such as:

    • KS1 and KS2 participation events,
    • A dance festival for any KS2 year group,
    • Two days of judo for both KS1 and KS2,
    • Athletics,
    • Kwik Cricket,
    • Mini Tennis.

    We also have the opportunity to host our own event for our cluster. This is to be agreed at the next cluster meeting.

    Through our wide range of activities and the PE curriculum we hope to engage and inspire all children to participate in sport.