Rossmere Approaches to SEND

  • Rossmere Graduated Response

    Every children at Rossmere Primary School has access to the following ‘Graduated Response’, starting at the top. For the majority of children, support at Band 1 enables them to make good progress –

    1. All children are supported within their classroom by the class teacher and teaching assistant (there is 1 teaching assistant in each class who’s role is to support all children, under the direction of the class teacher)
    2. Children who require intervention or support in an area of learning may spend short periods of time out of the classroom working with a teacher or teaching assistant (e.g. on spelling, maths, reading, social skills) either on their own or in a small group.
    3. If the class teacher (or parent) is concerned about any aspect of a child’s progress they are referred to the Inclusion Team – they will be discussed by the team ands a plan of action decided on. The parent will be informed if it is felt that further investigation is needed.
    4. Referral to a specialist for further assessment in school – Speech and Language Therapy, Future Steps Occupational Therapy, Place 2 Be Play Therapy, dyslexia or other learning assessment from our Specialist Teacher. Parents will be invited into school to discuss the assessment and the outcome.
    5. Following assessment a programme of support will be planned. This will be delivered in school by a trained teaching assistant, supported by additional work at home delivered by parents or carers. This intervention will be time limited and reviewed.
    6. Following a programme of intervention, if concerns about the child’s development remain, they will be placed on the SEND register. Intervention will continue in school.
    7. Referral to the Educational Psychology Service or CAMHS will be made with parental consent if concerns remain that the child is not making progress.
    8. The advice of EPS or CAMHS will be followed – this may involve further support in school, or may require application for an Education Health and Care Plan.

    SEND Policy

    SEND Policy 2023 – 2024