Religious Education

  • Rossmere’s curriculum aims to develop deep thinkers who are open-minded about religion and worldviews. We aim to ensure that our Religious Education curriculum is relevant to pupils, reflecting and preparing them for life in modern Britain. Through lessons, children will secure a deep understanding of concepts in order to be able to make connections, ask and respond to challenging questions, learn to respect and appreciate worldviews that are different to their own and consider their personal preconceptions, responses and views.

    Religious Education at Rossmere Academy – Intent Statement

    What RE looks like in EYFS


    Children will build their conceptual knowledge through studying religions and worldviews locally, nationally, and globally in our progressive curriculum, enabling them to make links and connections between worldviews and develop disciplinary skills.  By revisiting key ‘big questions’ and building on prior knowledge, pupils will learn about how religion and worldviews are lived experiences across the world, consider the impact of worldviews on society and have opportunities to consider their personal views. A more specific, focused enquiry question frames the learning across each unit. Both the ‘big questions’ and the focused enquiry question will allow children to explore the content they are studying.

    The ’Big Questions’

    Why are we here?

    Why do worldviews change?

    What is religion?

    How can worldviews be expressed?

    How do worldviews affect our daily lives?

    How can we live together in harmony if we have different worldviews?

    Our focus enquiry questions can be found here in our whole school overview.

    Religion and World Views Overview

    RE is taught to all children in school unless their parent makes a request to withdraw them from lessons on the grounds of faith.