Remote Learning

  • Purpose of remote learning

    Should a child need to continue their education at home due to long term illness, Covid lockdown, periods of isolation or another reason, the school has plans for how this can be carried out. Although children will not get the same experience as they would in the classroom, we aim to give them the following:

    • An opportunity to speak to their class teacher or a familiar adult at least once a week (more often if circumstances allow)
    • An opportunity to watch lessons taught by their class teacher (either live or recorded)
    • Links to online websites with carefully planned learning at the correct level
    • Inclusion in whole school events through live assemblies or shared experiences

    What will remote learning need?

    • Access to the internet through home wifi (a survey of families shows that all have wifi)
    • Access to an electronic device – we have devices that can be loaned for the period of home learning (laptops, ipads, tablets)
    • Use of Zoom as the simplest platform for children to link to staff without needing to download or set up an account
    • Devices for staff to use to record lessons, teach live or link with children on Zoom.
    • Use of Class Dojo by families as this is how teachers will send out information and instructions

    Examples of communication

    Please see below examples of documents that have been shared with parents and children. These are personalised to the needs of the child so will differ for age and circumstances.

    Remote Learning Plan

    Y6 Home Learning Instructions