Behaviour, Attitudes and Rewards

  • Our Rossmere Rules

    We have 3 simple rules at Rossmere Academy –

    Be Ready (ready to learn, at school on time, listening to instructions, correct equipment)

    Be Respectful (speaking politely to everyone, being kind to others, taking care of the school environment and the community)

    Be Safe (fantastic walking around school, playing with care for other children, being safe online)

    Children who follow these rules are following ‘The Rossmere Way’.

    Our Rossmere Recognition Awards

    All children who follow the rules, doing everything ‘The Rossmere Way’, and pushing themselves to achieve great things are recognised at the end of every half term by being presented with a badge for going ‘Above and Beyond’ what we expect of all children in Rossmere.

    The children can collect up to 5 badges a year and are encouraged to wear their badges every day for school. At the end of the year any child who has earned 5 badges and is still performing ‘Above and Beyond’, will receive a special gold badge.



    Our Behaviour Expectations

    At Rossmere Academy we expect all children to follow our Rossmere Rules.

    We do not have a detailed list of sanctions or consequences that are shared with children, as the vast majority of our pupils respond very well to our Rossmere Recognition system. For those children who do struggle to follow the rules, please see our Behaviour Policy below.

    Behaviour Policy 2023