Ethos and Values



    Rossmere’s Ethos and Values

    Rossmere’s mission statement is Enriching Education – we aim to enrich the education of every child through:

    memorable experiences

    learning through play

    an exciting curriculum

    opportunities to develop skills and talents.


    School Values:


    # Be Proud

    # Be Community

    # Be Passionate

    # Be Committed

    # Be Rossmere


    Our vision is that Rossmere Academy will:

    • Provide a high quality learning environment suitable for the 21st Century where all children reach their full potential within a safe and secure environment
    • Reach high academic standards
    • Ensure children develop core skills effectively
    • Develop children who are resilient, independent learners, open to change, have excellent Thinking Skills and work together collaboratively and reflectively
    • Help children to face problems and challenges with open minds armed with a variety of tried and tested skills and strategies
    • Ensure all children are computer literate and have excellent communication skills through a variety of means and media
    • Provide a rich and varied curriculum suitable to the children’s stages of development and life experiences
    • Increase children’s life experiences and widen their horizons
    • Encourage children to have high personal goals and aspirations
    • Ensure the children have high self esteem and respect themselves, others and the local and global environment
    • Be at the centre of the community, encouraging and supporting parents and carers
    • Ensure the school is fully inclusive and promotes tolerance, acceptance and understanding
    • Ensure children’s creativity is fostered to the full
    • Provide the environment that promotes healthy lifestyle choices

    Our Ethos (what is really important to everyone at Rossmere)

    Rossmere Primary School is an extremely inclusive and nurturing school. We value children from all backgrounds and of all abilities. No matter what challenges a child faces (or creates for us) we will strive to include them fully in the life of our school. To achieve this aim we have the following systems in place:

    • Support services for children with a range of Special Educational Needs on site (Speech and Language Therapy, Future Steps Occupational Therapy, Place To Be counselling services)
    • Additional adults in every class to ensure all children have full access to the curriculum.
    • Specialist classes for a small number of children who exhibit challenging behaviour (so that they can be reintegrated back into class)
    • A very experienced Inclusion Team who can help you to identify what is best for your child now and in the future
    • Staff committed to finding the talent of every child – academic, sporting, artistic or dramatic
    • A curriculum that offers all children the chance to expand their understanding, reach high levels and have high aspirations.
    • An open door policy for any parent / carer to speak to a member of staff
    • Most important of all is that we are determined not to let any child down and to work with you to provide the best possible support for all children in our care

    Our Curriculum Intent underpins everything we do: