Physical Health and Wellbeing

  • At Rossmere Academy we focus on the physical health and wellbeing of our children through:

    • In early years all children have continuous access to a large outside environment to develop their gross motor skills by running, climbing, balancing and playing
    • At playtimes all children have access to large playgrounds and fields where they are encouraged and supported to run, climb, balance, play ball games, develop skills of team work or challenge themselves physically.
    • Children from Year 2 to Year 6 take part in sporting festivals and competitions against and alongside other schools in our cluster, across Extol Trust and across Hartlepool. They take pride in successes in competitive sport and love to learn new skills.
    • Visiting sports coaches train children in new sports such as skipping, tennis and dance.
    • Physical activity is woven into the school day – daily mile, Just Dance and class based exercise ensure that children are active every day
    • All children take part in 2 PE lessons each week (see PE curriculum)
    • Future Steps Occupational Therapy support Rossmere staff in designing programmes that support the whole class, groups and individuals to develop their core strength, build their gross and fine motor skills and support with self regulation.
    • Menus in the dining hall are nutritionally balanced
    • Children are taught about healthy eating in science and PSHE lessons, and learn to cook nutritious meals in design technology.



    Our 2023/24 Sporting Calendar

    Manor Feeder Primary Schools Sports and Festival Events Calendar 2023-24 (2)



    Future Steps Consultancy

    Rossmere Academy has a service level agreement with Future Steps in order to guarantee that all our children are assessed in a timely manner and have a personalised programme to support their physical development. This ensures early identification of need and swift intervention to prevent a child falling behind. 


    Adventurous Activities

    We are always looking for opportunities for children to experience a wider range of physical activities through residential visits, educational visits or on the school site.

    We use a number of partners to deliver a wide range of activities throughout a child’s time at Rossmere.