Forest School Ethos

  • Forest School is a unique approach to learning which offers participants the opportunity to learn through experience in a woodland setting. Our site is a hybrid of forest school and can be used for purely forest school activities or outdoor learning activities, which can be based around the school curriculum and extend learning from the classroom to experiential learning outdoors.


    Research has shown that outdoor learning supports and extends young people’s problem solving abilities; their ideas in response to new challenges and their resilience to persevere and persist at new tasks. It can develop a love of nature and in turn promote healthier lifestyles through fresh air and physical activity. Much of the process is child initiated, which ensures that children are engaged and motivated to learn, particularly those who find conventional classroom education challenging and this in turn can have a positive impact upon behaviour and attitudes to learning back in the classroom. Children and young people develop holistically through provision of achievable tasks and support to take managed risks in an outdoor setting, which builds upon confidence and self-esteem.

    According to the Forest School Association, there are six main values consistent with the ethos of Forest School. Please click here for information on the six main values.