• Rossmere Academy admits children into our school or nursery in the following ways –

    The term after a child is 2 years old they may be admitted into our 2 year old nursery provision, and attend either every morning or every afternoon. This is only for children who meet the criteria. Priority is given to children who are already on our waiting list for school nursery. Places are allocated by Kim Rowntree at Hartlepool Borough Council on 523929.
    We have a total of 24 part time places.

    Children can start nursery as soon as they have had their 3rd birthday, as long as there is a space. Parents should fill in a form at the school office and show the child’s birth certificate to admin staff. You will then be contacted just before your child’s 3rd birthday to arrange a home visit (so that we can find out more about your child and meet them in familiar surroundings) and a start date.
    Please note that if your child is 3 after May then they may not start nursery until September as we are usually full.
    We have a total of 78 part time spaces – all children attend every morning or every afternoon. We also work closely with OSCARS (in Rossmere Youth Centre next door) who can offer the full 30 hours of childcare for working parents (attending our nursery every morning and Oscars every afternoon)

    Admission to Reception
    By the 31st March each year, parents of children ready to start school (you apply during the school year in which they turn 4) need to apply for a school place. This is done through Hartlepool Borough Council Admissions. Places are allocated according to the published Hartlepool Admissions criteria. We have 55 places in Reception and this criteria will be used if we are oversubscribed.

    Admission to school at other times

    If you would like to transfer your child to Rossmere Academy, you must contact Hartlepool Council Admissions Team to complete a transfer request. If there is space in your child’s year group, they will be admitted as soon as possible.

    Visiting the school prior to applying
    If you would like to visit our school or nursery prior to applying for a place, please contact the school office or Louise Banks (Parent Support Advisor) on 01429 274608 to arrange.

    Admission Policy 2024/2025

    Nursery Admission Policy 2024