Extra Curricular Activities

  • At Rossmere Primary School we have a wide range of Extra-Curricular Activities –

    • Sign language lessons
    • Spanish lessons
    • Football club
    • Homework club
    • Reading / book club
    • Multi-sports
    • Art and craft club


    School Trips

    We have been fundraising for the last year and have been presented with a Variety Club minibus. This means that we can go on small trips whenever we want at no cost to the parents.

    Residential Visits

    All Year 3 and 4 children have the opportunity to go on a 2 night residential visit to Carlton Outdoor Education Centre. They experience time away from home, develop skills of independence while walking in the hills and taking part in adventurous activities such as archery and the high ropes challenge.

    All Year 5 children have the opportunity to go to Weardale House. On this visit they further develop their thirst for adventure with a focus on water sports and outdoor survival.

    All Year 6 children have the opportunity to got on a 3 day visit to London. We stay in a youth hostel, travel around on the London Underground, watch a West End Musical and do sight seeing linked to their school work.

    All our residential visits are subsidised through Pupil Premium and fundraising so that they cost £100 per child.