Our Staff

  • Meet Our Staff

  • Leadership Team 

    • Headteacher                  Mrs Caroline Reed 
    • Deputy Headteacher     Mrs Debbie Anderson
    • Assistant Headteacher  Mrs Julie Claydon
    • Assistant Headteacher  Mrs Karen Anderson
  • Early Years Team

  • 2 Year Old Provision (Sparkles)

    • Deputy Manager           Mrs Claire Hoey
    • Support Staff                 Miss Nicola Rowbotham 
    • Support Staff                 Miss Lisa Aiken
    • Support Staff                 Mrs Colette Young
    • Support Staff                 Miss Emma Ross


    Nursery Staff

    • Nursery Teacher           Mrs Karen Anderson
    • Support Staff                Mrs Julie Fleetham
    • Support Staff                Mrs Joanne Bratt
    • Support Staff                Miss Sarah Fleetham
    • Support Staff                Miss Lisa Aiken
  • Reception Staff

    • Reception Teacher      Miss Elizabeth Hill 
    • Reception Teacher      Miss Kathryn Reeve
    • Support Staff               Mrs Joanne Anderson
    • Support Staff               Miss Judith Macintosh
  • Key Stage 1 

  • Year 1


    • Teacher                          Mrs Charlotte Rennie
    • Teacher                          Miss Katie Sanderson

    Support Staff

    • Support Staff                Mrs Carole Snowball
    • Support Staff                Mrs Carole Carroll
  • Year 2


    • Teacher                         Miss Sara Booth
    • Teacher                         Mrs Paula Hassan

    Support Staff

    • Support Staff               Mrs Michelle Coverdale
    • Support Staff               Mrs Leanne Syres
    • Support Staff               Mrs Julie Walsh     
  • Key Stage 2 – Lower  

  • Year 3


    • Teacher                          Mrs Julie Claydon
    • Teacher                          Miss Kirsty Lang

    Support Staff

    • Support Staff                Mrs Jayne McIntyre
    • Support Staff                Mrs Smita Field 
    • Support Staff                Miss Amy Davison 
  • Year 4


    • Teacher                         Mrs Victoria Gardiner
    • Teacher                         Mrs Susan Kent

    Support Staff

    • Support Staff               Mrs Kelly Booth
    • Support Staff               Miss Siouxsanne Dunn
  • Key Stage 2 – Higher 

  • Year 5


    • Teacher                          Mrs Maria Stairmand
    • Teacher                          Mrs Faye Ellis

    Support Staff

    • Support Staff                Mrs Kelly Coulson
    • Support Staff                Mrs Rachel Millican
    • Support Staff                Mrs Nicola Salmons 
  • Year 6


    • Teacher                         Miss Charlotte Ness 
    • Teacher                         Mr Adam Pickard

    Support Staff

    • Support Staff               Miss Debbie Smith 
    • Support Staff               Mrs Rebecca Robinson
  • Other Support Staff and Provision 

  • Additionally Resourced Provision

    Teacher in Charge  –  Mrs Debbie Anderson

    The Meadow (SEMH Key Stage 2 Additionally Resourced Provision)

    • Lead                             Miss Charlotte Lundrigan
    • Support Staff                Miss Roxanne Kilgariff
    • Support Staff                Miss Aimee Brown

    The Tree House (SEMH Key Stage 2 Additionally Resourced Provision)

    • Lead                            Miss Paige Ferguson
    • Support Staff               Mrs Pamela Stead

    Peapods (SEMH / Complex Needs Key Stage 1 Additionally Resourced Provision)

    Lead                     Miss Jennie Newlove
    Support Staff        Miss Kim Cooke


    Lunchtime Supervisors

    • Support Staff               Mrs Fay Hutchinson
    • Support Staff               Mrs Hayley Bagguley 
    • Support Staff               Mrs Emma Wetherill
    • Support Staff               Mrs Carol Brackstone
    • Support Staff               Mrs Wendy Adams




  • Additional Support Staff

    • Forest School Manager       Mrs Joanne McGarry
    • Administrator                      Miss Samantha Hall 
    • Admin Apprentice              Miss Megan McDonald
    • Data / HR Manager            Miss Rachael Watson
    • Site Supervisor                   Mr Eric McIntyre 

    Other Support Services

    • Parent Support Advisor       Mrs Louise Banks
    • Specialist SEND Teacher    Mrs Sue Dixon
    • Place 2 Be Manager            Mrs Lynn Bailey