SEND Policy

  • SEND Policy Rationale 

    The SEND Policy is written for all staff to allow improvements in practice for all pupils with SEND and their parents and families. All staff, particularly teachers and support staff need to be actively involved at the appropriate level, because, after all:

    ‘All teachers are teachers of SEN’

    (DfES, 2001; House of Commons, 2006; Lamb, 2009)

    Rossmere Primary School SEND Policy

    To access the current SEND Policy please click the link below:

    AIMS of the Policy 

    The aims of the Special Educational Needs policy are:

    • to promote an inclusive ethos throughout the school;
    • to enable pupils with SEND to have their needs met;
    • to take into account the views of the pupils with SEND;
    • to encourage good communication with parents of children with SEND;
    • to facilitate full access to a broad, balanced and relevant education, including an appropriate curriculum for the foundation stage and the National Curriculum, for pupils with SEND.

    To attain this, members of staff at Rossmere Primary School will:

    • recognise the needs of the individual;
    • differentiate teaching methods to suit individual needs;
    • differentiate the curriculum content so that it is attainable by all;
    • take consideration of the SEND Code of Practice;
    • acquire appropriate specialist support whenever possible;
    • provide a stimulating and positive environment;
    • develop working partnerships with parents;
    • provide suitable and adequate resources;
    • pass on information and expertise through SEND procedures and meetings