SEND Partnerships

  • SEND Partnerships 

    At Rossmere Primary School, we have forged some very effective links through our multi-agency approach when working to meet the needs of pupils with special educational needs.
    Some of the agencies we regularly work with are:-

    Educational Psychology Team

    Our current educational psychologist is Michelle Taylor-Brown.

    Following parental consent and referral, the educational psychologist assesses and supports individual pupils with special educational needs by providing parents and school staff with detailed reports and suggestions for actions based on identification of need. The educational psychologist is very important in contributing to statutory assessment. They also contribute to the identification and assessment of a child’s needs and recommend strategies and support arrangements which will enable the child to make progress.


    •  assessment and treatment of children and young people up to 18 years old with mental health disorders;
    • advice, support and consultation for family, carers and workers from health, social services, educational and voluntary agencies;
    • promotion of positive mental health in children and young people.

    Treatments/interventions offered are evidence-based and vary from individual, group and family approach.

    Hearing impaired Service/Visually Impaired Service

    These services are frequently used in school to support children and staff with strategies that will enable children to access the curriculum. With consent, schools can refer to the service.


    Speech and Language Service (SALT)

    Telephone: 01429 522712
    Address: Hart Building, University Hospital of Hartlepool, Holdforth Road, Hartlepool, TS24 9AH

    At Rossmere Primary School, we benefit from significant involvement with the Speech and Language Service on a weekly basis.
    Speech therapists and assistants will implement blocks of therapy with individual children. They provide work packs for staff to be able to work on targets within class. They attend review meetings for children with special educational needs.


    Occupational Therapy

    Telephone: 01429 522691
    Address: Paediatric Occupational Therapy Service, Holdforth Road, Hartlepool, TS24 9AH

    Occupational Therapists work with children aged 0 -18 years. They become involved with children who are experiencing difficulty in completing tasks for themselves such as handwriting, toileting, bathing or they may have difficulties in co-ordination and perceptual activities.
    Therapists see children in various settings such as home, school and the hospital.
    Following the assessment, they may provide therapy, intervention or recommend a programme of activities/exercises that family members can do with their child to help them.



    The Small STEPS (Specialist Team for Early Intervention and Portage Support) team work with the Educational Psychology (EP) team to offer outreach support for adults supporting children with significant additional or special learning needs. Whilst most of their work is with pre-school children (under 5s) who have complex needs, significant learning delays or social communication difficulties (including autism), the team support across the primary age range.
    Principles central to Small STEPS work include:
    • partnership with parents and carers;
    • promoting inclusion in all aspects of life;
    • actively developing links with others who can help and support;
    • encouraging families and staff to gain confidence, to celebrate small steps and giant leaps, to share ideas, to support each other and actively developing links with others who can help and support.
    Small STEPS support typically begins with home or setting visits to address priorities for learning or problem solving; play plans, activities or strategies will be developed with the supporting adults, incorporating targets set by EPs and, where appropriate, other professionals. Work is supervised by and reviewed regularly with the referring EP. Over time, support is offered through structured groups for children and adults, training workshops, family activities, adult support groups or telephone contact, allowing contact to be maintained for longer whilst alternative support networks/contacts are identified.


    Springwell School

    Phone: (01429) 280600
    Springwell School, Wiltshire Way, Hartlepool, TS26 0TB

    As a school we work closely with Springwell for many different reasons.
    • We use their facilities such as soft play, sensory room on a regular basis.
    • Staff will visit and shadow Springwell staff for a session to gain knowledge, strategies, ideas that can be brought back to our school.
    • Springwell staff have supported us within school with strategies and resources for individual children.