Pupil Premium and Barriers for Learning

  • Pupil Premium

    Pupil Premium Funding 

    The Pupil Premium is ‘additional funding’ for publicly funded schools in England.  It is to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities and to close the gaps between them and their peers not just locally but nationally.

    Rossmere Primary School receives pupil premium funding as part of its budget based on the number of children who:

    • Are eligible for Free School Meals
    • Have been eligible for Free School Meals at any time during their time at Primary School
    • Are children of services personnel
    • Have been in or in Looked After Care or a Child Arrangement Order (Previously known as a residence order)

    Please click on the below bullet points for a financial year breakdown of funding received:

           (including anticipated funding)

    Review of the Pupil Premium Strategy

    The school has been in the process of a full Pupil Premium review with the Local Authority over the Spring and Summer 2017 Terms and an action plan is being developed with the new Headteacher ready for the Spring Term 2018.

    Please click here to view the working document.

    Please click here to see performance results directly linked to the effective use of Pupil Premium. 

    Measuring and Analysing the Effect of the Pupil Premium 

    Rossmere Primary School has a number of key methods to measure, evaluate and analyse Pupil Premium funding.

    • Termly Behaviour and Welfare Meetings
    1. Review attendance, in-house support, tailored learning plan – linked with funding, any other issues that may impact on the child’s learning 
    2. Evaluation of the support received, and if this is making an impact
    3. Discussion and debate regarding the way forward for each pupil
    4. Recorded data to benchmark and enable comparisons regarding termly, yearly and overall impact
    5. Data is current and is analysed by the team to look at Pupil Premium pupils who are not achieving their set targets


    • Senior Leadership Team Termly Meetings to Review the Pupil Premium Strategic Plan
    1. Discuss and use information and data from Pupil Progress Meetings and Behaviour and Welfare Meetings 
    2. Review/ question/ challenge and debate the columns Aims to Raise Standards within the document
    3. Change the Pupil Premium Strategic Plan (working document) to meet the needs of the Pupil Premium pupils


    • Pupil Progress Meetings
    1. Teachers and Leadership review pupils progress and look at barriers to pupils learning
    2. Challange, question and listen to teachers regarding Pupil Premium pupils 
    3. Pupil Premium Pupils data is regularly updated and reviewed on the data package and is regularly accessed by the senior leadership team
    4. Carefully tracked and current achievement data linked with reports for Pupil Premium pupils

    Review Dates 

    Next review date meeting for Barriers for Learning:

    • Autumn Term 2017 – 12th December 2017
    • Spring Term 2018 – Dates to be confirmed
    • Summer Term 2018 – Dates to be confirmed